I fell hard.

October 11, 2017

I love makeup. I have way too much of it, and have spent lots and lots of $$$ on it over the years. I had heard of LipSense about a year ago, but I never tried it. Mostly because I didn't know anyone that was selling it at the time and I'm a try-it-before-I-buy-it kind of girl. 


Fast forward one year. I had been seeing more and more people using and selling LipSense - the lipstick that lasts up to 18 hours, doesn't smudge, is water-proof, kiss-off proof, and actually makes your lips healthier. A girl that I had been following on Instagram and Pinterest had become crazy successful in the business, like 5 and 6 figures a month successful. And lots of other women were doing the same.


The Crown Princess herself, Jalynn Schroeder. Such a cutie and yes, total girl boss. 


Jalynn thinks big. She has had so much success that her husband was recently able to quit his corporate job to partner with her full-time. She did all this in just under one year. Girl boss.


Of course this intrigued me. I started paying attention, but being that I really REALLY didn't want to direct message my friends out of the blue (I thought that's what I would HAVE to do - I later realized that you so totally don't.) that was always what kept me from fully taking the plunge.


I had been wanting an additional stream of income. Microblading is still so much a passion for me and I am so proud of what I have built from the ground up and will continue to build, but I want to progress even more! I want more financial freedom for my family and to be able to spend more time with them! Maybe even go on a vacation...as a family! I have big plans and I'm determined to make it happen. 


My sister bought some LipSense for herself and let me try it when she came over for lashes one day. At this point, I was already halfway sold on the business aspect because of the success I had seen others have, but after finally trying LipSense and finding out that I didn't actually have to randomly message my friends with "this amazing opportunity"... I was convinced! I fell hard. 


I was 100% sure that 1.) I now wanted EVERY LipSense color for myself and 2.) I wanted to pursue this as a business and give it my all. I messaged Jalynn that night, told her I was ready to rock-n-roll, asked her to be my sponsor and I hit the ground running. Sprinting really. 


Fire-n-Ice. The first LipSense color that I ever tried!


When I have my mind set on starting something, I go kind of crazy and give it 200%. I'm too impatient to wait for success! I believe anyone can get where they want to go quickly if they spend their time focusing on the right things, are coachable, and pay attention to the successful people. 


So I loved LipSense. I had NO IDEA SeneGence even had other products at the time. Makeup and skincare. It's been a few months since I've been using the makeup and skincare and now I'm scratching my head  wondering why more distributors aren't promoting these other products as much as LipSense! So many of the products are equally amazing.


 So I've hit the ground running. I'm setting crazy goals, building a team of awesome women that are saying "yes" to these crazy-good products and "yes" to the opportunity of a better life for themselves and their families by being total girl bosses.


Knowing that I can empower other women and help them with this business , to be their own boss, and make more money than they ever could without having to go get a college degree, is such a HIGH and it totally energizes me every day. We (women) are the most amazing sales people on the planet. How many times do you tell your family and friends about a product that you love and then they go and buy it? Do you get paid for those referrals? We talk about the products that we love. We talk. It's just what we do! 


Jalynn and I, at my launch party.


Try these products and you'll see why so many women are jumping on this gravy train. The products are just plain amazing and so is the opportunity to make money. 


So now that you know how amazing the products are, let's talk about the business side of things. Here are a few highlights: 


-We are a unilateral MLM, which means, there are not two legs (Binary MLM). When you have two legs, the company typically only pays you commission for your less productive leg. So lets say you have 5 total rockstars on one leg and your other leg is a bit stagnant with only one who is working her business? You're only going to get paid on the less productive leg. No bueno right? As a unilateral MLM, we get paid on all of our downline, up to 5 lines.


-There is no cap on the amount of people on each line. I love this. The sky's the limit here. You can have unlimited people on your 1st through 5th lines. 


-No auto-ship. This is huge for me. I did another MLM about 9 years ago and I quit almost right out of the gate because I simply couldn't afford the auto-ship that was required to be a distributor. 


-Only $55 to join. I honestly don't know of any other MLM's that you can join for $55. And if after you give it a try and you just feel like the lip biz isn't for you? That's OK! You will still get a 20-50% discount for an entire year. Awesome. In-fact, a lot of women simply join just for the discount! That's ok too.



If you choose the right sponsor, you will have a much higher chance for success. Choose someone who is serious about this business and who has access to the best resources and trainings. If you choose me to be your sponsor, you will be on the #1 recruiting team in the entire company and have access to all of the best resources and be eligible for freebies and incentive programs that I personally do for my girls!


Our crown princess, Jalynn has done so much of the ground-work already and has made it SO much easier to hit the ground running, and quickly. Everything from social media graphics, to videos showing you how to set up google excel spreadsheets to stay organized...So that you can focus on the fun part...Using the products and showing other women how much you love them! 


Here's how we make money. There are 3 different ways. 1.) Sell the products  2.) Downline commissions by building a team  3.)Group sales volume bonus by having a team.


Have questions and want to know more about our products and the business opportunity? Comment below and I'll respond!


Gung-ho and thinking, "Let's do this" ? Sign up HERE and I'll personally sponsor and guide you!


Follow me on IG @chelsbellzbeauty and on Pinterest and on Facebook




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I fell hard.

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